Careers At Exetel Communications (Pvt) Ltd

Basis Of Employment

Exetel Communications (Pvt) Ltd is a BOI approved company set up for the purpose of providing back office support, programming and other services to companies located in Australia and therefore the working hours and working days are based around Australian working hours and working days as the day to day work will involve constant interaction via telephone and email with Exetel employees and customers in Australia.

Information about the Australian company, Exetel Pty Ltd, can be found by clicking here.

All payments and benefits are based on Sri Lankan legislation and requirements and all remuneration is paid into an employee's bank account in Sri Lanka in Sri Lankan currency.

Base Working Conditions

All employment is based at Exetel's offices which are located at the World Trade Centre in Colombo 1. Some idea of the actual working spaces and facilities can be found on this web site by clicking here.

General Conditions Of Employment

1. Working Hours

The working hours required are a minimum of 40 hours per week worked between local times as agreed by your manager on a week by week basis.

You may be required to work either of two shifts, which are:

3.30 am to 11.30 am
or 11.00 am to 7.00 pm

On the days you are required to work from 3.30 am to 11.30 am you will be paid an additional shift allowance of 25% of your basic remuneration and you will also be paid a further 25% of your basic pay as a 'travel allowance' to take care of any inadequacy in public transport.

2. Working Days

The actual days of the week you will be required to work are one continuous period of 5 days between Monday and Sunday.

Two months out of three you will work from Monday to Friday with the third month you will work from Wednesday to Sunday.

3. Public Holidays

As the positions we are offering requires you to support customers who are located in Australia you will not be entitled to take the public holidays that apply in Sri Lanka. You will be allowed to take 10 days off each year in lieu of public holidays and these days must be agreed 2 months in advance by your manager to ensure that the team to which you are assigned has adequate staffing to meet the requirements of providing timely support.

4. Paid Annual Leave

Exetel provides annual leave on the following basis:

  1. No paid annual leave may be taken in the first 12 months of employment. If an employee has commitments that require them to take leave in their first 12 months of employment they may take time off without pay by giving 8 week's notice.
  2. After 12 months continuous employment an employee is entitled to take 2 weeks annual leave within 3 months of their employment 'anniversary' date.
  3. After 24 months continuous employment an employee is entitled to take 3 weeks annual leave within 6 months of their annual employment date.
  4. After 36 months continuous employment an employee is entitled to take 4 weeks annual leave at any time providing they give 8 week's notice of their intention to take leave.

5. Remuneration

Your remuneration will be paid monthly by electronic funds transfer into your nominated bank account. Your pay will be deposited on the 15th of the month (if the 15th falls on a weekend day or public holiday then it will be paid on the closest working day to the 15th) and covers the period from the 1st of the month to the end of the calendar month.

6. Sri Lankan Taxes.

All payments made to you will be less whatever taxes and levies are required by the Sri Lankan tax department at any time.

7. Remuneration Related Benefits

Any Sri Lankan government mandated benefits (such as retirement or superannuation) will be paid on your behalf and are in addition to your base remuneration.

8. Provided Facilities

No other facilities are currently provided other than the reimbursements for the use of the computer and ADSL connection at your residence should that are required by Exetel.

9. Termination Of Employment Conditions

Exetel Communications (Pvt) Limited may terminate your employment during the first three months of employment without giving any reason. If Exetel Communications (Pvt) Limited exercises this right you will be paid one week's remuneration in lieu of notice.

After 3 months employment Exetel may terminate your employment in the event that:

  1. You commit any criminal offence
  2. You act in a way detrimental to the ongoing business success of Exetel Communications (Pvt) Limited
  3. You fail to reach your agreed job goals in two successive three month periods

If Exetel terminates your employment after you have worked for the company for more than three months you will be given either two weeks notice or two weeks remuneration in lieu of notice.

Should you wish to resign from your employment with Exetel after the initial probation period, you will be required to give two weeks notice of your intention to do so.

Exetel may opt to either allow you to work out your notice period or may elect to pay you the two weeks in lieu.

Current Job Opportunities At Exetel

Job specifications of the positions employed are listed on the side bar on the left hand side of this page.

When vacancies are available they will be advertised here: